Fried'rich van Purg'stall, a Zoalord from Austria.

Fried'rich van Purg'stall is a member of Chronos' Council of Twelve, and the only one of them known to have originated from Austria in Guyver.

Fried'rich in canon

A good friend of Shin, Fried'rich is one of the few Zoalords who have been given a concrete place of origin in the manga. However, there is still very little canonically known about the man. His powers over lightning are at once powerful and limited; while he has generated bolts strong enough to melt asphalt, he is only capable of long-range attacks.

He is at a severe disadvantage in melee combat, as canon has proved.

Fried'rich in Warrior Guyver

Fried'rich in Son of Mine ('verse)

Fried'rich is a gentle man, for one of the Council's members, even showing some compassion to his enemies when he can. This was most clearly demonstrated in his willingness to offer Ryan Crouger a chance to surrender when the Fifth Guyver was in the midst of destroying the first Pillars of Heaven. Needless to say, Ryan himself was unmoved by this sentiment; resulting in the boy's first death at the hands of Chronos.

Fried'rich, unwilling to leave the boy to rot - and still holding out hope that he could be reached in some way - removed the boy's body from the floor where it had fallen.

However, the Unit itself - which had been working to heal Ryan almost from the moment that Fried'rich's Gravity Bullet had punctured his chest - did not react well to being handled. With its Self Defense Mode activated, Guyver V perceived even the slightest, most innocuous actions as a threat to its host.

Fried'rich's actions, being neither slight nor innocuous, were the first to attract the rampant Unit's attention.

Fried'rich was forced to drop the boy's corpse before his Guyver unit could attack him, leaving Agito Makishima, who had arrived just a short time earlier, to watch with some satisfaction. However, Fried'rich was not one to engage in solitary battles that he did not deem necessary, was not slow to call for help. Unfortunately - or fortunately, depending on how one looks at things - his request for assistance was directed at none other than Luggnagg de Krumeggnik. Fried'rich, while still at a disadvantage due to the long-range nature of his powers, was nonetheless able to hold his own against Guyver I and the corpse of Guyver V.

Though the latter did cause him some uneasiness, merely for the fact that he was - in the end - fighting a corpse.

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